Monday, November 10, 2008

Afraid of Santa

On Saturday, my friend Kristin and I braved Christmas Village with Ella and Jackson. It was a wonderful shopping experience. The kids were very good and allowed us to shop for well over 4 hours--WOW, way better than daddy would have done had he been along!
I'm proud of myself because I already have one of Jackson's Christmas outfits. Since I'm prepared, I decide it's a great idea to have his picture taken with Santa while at Christmas Village--big mistake. As you can see from the photograph, Jackson does not like Santa. He didn't care that Santa was planning on bringing him lots of great Christmas gifts since he's been such a good boy this year--he wanted down and away! My philosophy--every child has at least one photo in their album of them screaming on Santa's lap. I think it's precious!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Shoes at Bedtime

Jackson has never been a big fan of shoes, clothes either for that matter. If he could run around naked, he absolutely would [he gets this from his dad, not me]! Well, his Grammie bought him a really cute pair of Halloween Crocs to wear with his Nemo costume. Every since she gave them to him this weekend, he has been adamant about wearing them with everything. I finally managed to pry them out of his hands and put them away on Sunday.
Last night, we were in his room playing before getting ready for bed. I put him up on his changing table so I could put his pj's on and he opens the shoe drawer and starts yelling "shoes, shoes, shoes" while pointing at the Halloween Crocs. I try to explain to him that we don't wear shoes to bed but all of mommy's rationale is ignored because he wants his "shoes, shoes, shoes." OK--have the shoes. He walked around the house for at least an hour before going to bed holding his shoes. Below are a few pictures of him trying to ensure he gets to take them to bed with him. Ah, the joys of motherhood!
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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Object of my Obsession

Let me start out by saying I'm not a good writer. I will probably not have you hanging on line by line as you read this blog but I hope to refine my writing skills as the posts grow. For my blogging debut, I choose to share with you my year long obsession--a terra-cotta pumpkin chiminea. So you can truly appreciate my quest, let me give you the back story.
We moved into our new house a year and half ago. Jackson loves to go strolling so we walk our neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhood a few times a week. During Halloween last year, I came across the most beautiful pumpkin chiminea I've ever seen. I was so impressed with this chiminea, I knocked on the owner's door to inquire as to where I could purchase one of these beauties to call my very own. Turns out, she couldn't remember where she purchased her chiminea..... hmmm, sounds fishy to me. All she could [would] tell me was that she got it at a local garden shop on sale at the end of the season the previous Halloween.
OK--now I'm on a mission. I've searched all the local garden shops, surrounding area garden shops and the Internet and I'm growing increasing obsessed with getting a chiminea to call my own. After several months of searching, I find a store that carries the chiminea, YEAH! To my surprise, there are three different one's to choose from so I grow increasing excited about my discovery. Enter problem #1, the store is in Canada. I e-mail the owner about purchasing a chiminea--her response, that'll be $400. My response, mission back on!
I continue my Internet searching and come across an archived story from 2004 that has the pumpkin chiminea's photographed at a garden shop in New Jersey. YEAH, my search is over. I e-mail and call the owner about purchasing a chiminea--Enter problem #2. Owner's response, I don't have anymore and the company that I buy them from is no longer selling them. My response, mission continues! I wait a few weeks and decide to check the Internet again since it's getting closer to Halloween. Just maybe I'll get lucky. Guess what, I did! A pleasant man in Atlanta, GA has the pumpkin chiminea's for sale at his booth in an antique mall in Midtown. I e-mail him about purchasing a chiminea--his response, SOLD! My response, YEAH!!!!!!! My mother and I drove over on Saturday to pick up my chiminea and it is now proudly displayed at my front door! Never underestimate the power of a woman on a mission!
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