Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Brother Jackson

Jackson finally got to met his little brother, Macklin, on March 30th. He was very excited to finally see Macklin and to finally be able to hold him. He was gentle and said, "He's so cute!" How precious!! He didn't seem to like the hospital all that much but was eager to visit the gift shop for a sucker after his visit. He is going to be a great big brother! Pin It

Welcome Macklin Asher!!

Hello World--we are pleased to introduce you to Macklin Asher Carle, born on Sunday, March 29th @ 12:59 pm. Macklin weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. Although we were set to arrive at the hospital for Mackie's birth on April 2nd, he he decided he wanted to enter the world on his schedule--thanks for not coming while daddy stopped at McDonald's to get breakfast! Pin It

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

I can hardly believe we just celebrated Jackson's 2nd birthday! Time seems to move even faster than the speed of light when you're helping raise and mold a little one. Since we are due to deliver another entergetic little one fairly soon (my due date is April 2nd), we opted to have Jackson's second birthday party at Gymboree Play & Music instead of at home. Right now, Jackson loves dinosaurs so we decided to do a fun dinosaur cake. He has been the most fun and entertaining little boy the past year and it's difficult to remember life before he arrived. He loves dinosaurs, playing at the park (especially the slide), blowing bubbles, playing outside, and trains. Here are a few pictures from his birthday celebration....
Arriving at Gymboree
Riding the rocky-horse
Sliding down the slide
Trying to catch the bubbles
He is very excited that soon he'll have a little brother to play with--he can hardly wait! Happy Birthday precious Jackson--mommy & daddy love you very much!!!
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Ever Expanding Belly

Meet my new favorite photo! I have always loved pictures of pregnant women and their beautiful growing bellies. Something about them and the way they capture the miracle of life and how a woman's body adapts is just beautiful. I was lucky enough to have the chance to capture my pregnancy with Jackson in photographs so of course, I wanted to be sure my second pregnancy with son Macklin was memorialized in pictures too.
Our photographer was Kamin Hoyle and let me tell you, she is the best. You can see more of her work here. Kamin is so precious and super-talented. I was a bit shy about having my enormous belly hanging out there but Kamin made me feel completely comfortable and forget that I was exposed. Thank you sweet Kamin for my new favorite photo!
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