Monday, November 10, 2008

Afraid of Santa

On Saturday, my friend Kristin and I braved Christmas Village with Ella and Jackson. It was a wonderful shopping experience. The kids were very good and allowed us to shop for well over 4 hours--WOW, way better than daddy would have done had he been along!
I'm proud of myself because I already have one of Jackson's Christmas outfits. Since I'm prepared, I decide it's a great idea to have his picture taken with Santa while at Christmas Village--big mistake. As you can see from the photograph, Jackson does not like Santa. He didn't care that Santa was planning on bringing him lots of great Christmas gifts since he's been such a good boy this year--he wanted down and away! My philosophy--every child has at least one photo in their album of them screaming on Santa's lap. I think it's precious!
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Holly said...

Oh how cute his future wife will think he was!!! Every kid needs a screaming with Santa pic! Love his name as well... would we have had a boy that was going to be his name...

Kristin F. said...

Okay, I know you're busy, but with that new baby coming you need to be posting!! I had a great time at lunch yesterday and we love our gifts, thank you.

Maybe the tag on my blog will inspire you to post today :). Head on over and check it out.