Friday, June 17, 2011

"It's in the Detail" Love

What is it that makes a room "designed"? Let's face it, all of us try to imitate what we see designers do on all the design shows. Heck, if you're like me sometimes you think you got it just right and sometimes it takes some tweaking to get it right. And, even when you get it right you never really leave it that way for long. It's a constant battle of extra touches and detail. That's becauase the art of good interior design lies in the detail. What makes the room shine, stand out, touch you? The answers to those questions are easy to find...use what you LOVE!!

For me, there really are no real rules in design. If you love it, use it! After all, those pieces will give your space the details which lend themselves to the design of the room. That's the trick to making design work for you and making it your own space. Mix and colors, patterns, textures and periods. You don't have to be Contemporary or Victorian. You don't have to fit inside a design box. All you have to do is make it what you love! Remember, If you love it, use it! Here are a few pictures of what I mean about the details....

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