Monday, August 22, 2011

Homemade Bookcase

Have I told you how talented my husband is? Well, if not, let me brag and say--he ROCKS! When we first got married we used to watch Bob Villa's "This Old House" and laugh at how Riley, Bob's assistant, was the real "brains" behind the show. Bob would have all these great ideas and projects and Riley would make them all happen.

Over the years, I started calling Ray my "Riley". I would have an idea on something I wanted to do, some way to set up a room, or something I wanted to make and Ray would be the brains that helped me figure out how to make it happen. This AWESOME homemade bookcase is no exception!
I've struggled with our sitting room since we moved into our house 4 years ago. This was an added feature to our floor plan and it really is a nice bonus space. My struggle has been how to best utilize the space for our lifestyle. It's been a storage/staging area, a make-shift nursery, a temporary office--you name it. Well, I was kinda tired of it not being a designated space so when I took my Design 101 class, I used this space as my project space.
I browsed magazines and websites for photos of what I wanted for the space. One idea that stuck with me was sorta a library space that would utilize one side as a place to relax with a book and the other side as a work-space for blogging, crafting, etc. I knew I would need a large bookcase to eat-up some of the wall space and provide some much needed display for "stuff"! I gave Ray some "go-by" photos and presto, here's the end result. I really LOVE this bookcase and the wonderful brains of my "Riley" which made it happen!!
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