Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The past few years (since Jackson & Macklin were born) we've had two Christmas Tree's. One was our traditional red & silver ornament tree with clear lights and the other had fun ornaments for the boys with color lights. This year, we decided to have one larger tree and combine the decorations. Jackson has been very concerned about Santa Claus being able to find the tree when he comes down the chimney, so we were sure to place it right next to it so he would have no worries on Christmas Eve!
We use a lot of glass ornaments--dinosaurs, travel ornaments, elephants, trains--you name it! Next, we add lots of silver, red & striped Christmas balls and metal "C' ornaments.
Normally, we top it off with red and silver sparkle picks and ribbon, but this year I left it bare--not sure why I just opted for a bit of simplicity.
We did add a train underneath that has smoke & a whistle--the boys are MOST EXCITED!
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