Monday, December 12, 2011

A Visit with Santa

The boys have been asking to go see Santa so we finally got our act together and took them this weekend. We decided to make a trip to the Galleria because last year, I remembered there was a train choo-chooing around the mall (yes, that's the last time I've been to the mall) and we knew the boys would love to ride the train while looking for Santa!
The boys picked the blue passenger car and away we went on our train excursion. It was fun watching the conductor dodge all the mall patrons (Ray mentioned the liability involved and questioned why the mall would sign on for such exposure) while looking for Santa! When we found Santa's sleigh, the line to get on was VERY, VERY LONG so luckily, we were able to talk the boys into a carousel ride.
After our ride, we decided to make a trip to the Summit in hopes of actually getting to see Santa. We were in luck as the line for Santa was VERY, VERY SHORT. Much to my surprise, the boys did not hesitate. They both sat in Santa's lap and politely told him what they'd like for Christmas. After a brief visit and a cookie treat from Santa, we were off to enjoy the rest of our day. Thanks, Santa!
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