Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Color of the Year

While I was in high school and college I had the joy of working in fashion and got to spend quiet a bit of time exploring with PANTONE colors. It was really fun using the PANTONE decks to pick colors for upcoming lines and products (yes, those were the fun days)! Back in December, PANTONE revealed the 2011 color of the year and it's FABULOUS: PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle--doesn't it make you excited for Spring?! I would love a pair of cozy chairs covered in this color. Or, I would use it on a set of accent walls in a kitchen or dining room. How about in a sun-room or study? I say Yes, Yes, Yes!!
And, I would love to have a fabulous strapless dress like this one for a beach trip this Summer! I'm loving this color--wonderful choice. Here's what PANTONE had to say about Honeysuckle in it's press release: " While the 2010 color of the year, PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, served as an escape for many, Honeysuckle emboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor. A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life." Enough said! For the full release click here.
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