Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Do you think the Birmingham Zoo would let us move in? We could just provide security watch at night and we wouldn't take up a lot of space--I mean, we're smaller than elephants, giraffe's and tigers!! I say this because in typical Carle family fashion, we made our weekend trip to the Zoo. We took three train rides, two carousel rides, and visited the Alabama Barn (where Jackson tried to hold a snake!). During one of our train rides Ray and laughed about how there was this entire area at the zoo we never get to see--our boys are creatures of habit!! Here are a few pictures from our visit--even a picture of our newest zoo friend, a 13,000 lb, 29-year-old African born elephant! I am quiet certain our zoo trips will increase tremendously this spring and summer!
Bulwagi--he was attempting to hide from us!

Jackson enjoying brushing the goats!
Macklin & Daddy hanging out on the carousel!
Macklin brushing the goats
Jackson riding "his" elephant on the carousel
Their farewell train ride--see you next weekend!
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