Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy President's Day

Yesterday, our daycare was closed for President's Day/Teacher Training so I had the boys all to myself. With all the crazy weather this year, our daycare had been closed quiet often. To say that it has been challenging being off from work to keep the boys would be an understatement--especially since I don't have vacation or sick days. However, I've decided to start looking at this situation quiet differently and relish in the fact that (1) I have a great job that I love, (2) we are all healthy and able to chase each other nonstop, and (3) I get to spend time with the most precious little boys EVER! We played with trains, read dinosaur books, watched a few cartoons and enjoyed a nice visit to the park--check out how much fun they had....

Enjoying the swings!

Kicking the ball, running and hiding!

Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to stop and enjoy these little miracles for a day! It was FABULOUS!
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