Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Our weekend was AWESOME! Ray and I had the chance to have an evening out on the town and we had a wonderful time. A friend of Ray's invited us to attend the Phoenix Ball at The Club Friday night. At first, we were a bit apprehensive as it's a black-tie optional event but the more we thought about it, they more excited we got to actually have a night out. We are so glad we went. We enjoyed some time with new friends and we didn't smell like chicken nuggets, fish sticks or milk--ha, it was FABULOUS!!
Saturday, we enjoyed a nice day at the Birmingham Zoo. In line with our usual routine, we road the train and carousel twice,visited the petting zoo and got an animal treat as we left for the evening. Much to my surprise, Jackson picked out the most realistic snake I have ever seen and already, I've almost fainted at it's sight in his room--NICE!! I also went to the Giggles and Grace sale at Ashbury United Methodist Church, took some items to Wee Peat Boutique, and got some much needed grocery shopping done. Our Sunday was filled with menu planning for the week, a quick trip to the park, laundry and church on the couch (I'll explain that to you another day)--it was a wonderful weekend!
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