Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We've made it a family tradition to ALWAYS cook a full Thanksgiving meal at our house, even if we were attending Thanksgiving festivities elsewhere. We love all the hustle and bustle of chopping, mixing and creating yummy dishes we miss throughout the year. We had a great time (and the boys helped along the way) and we ate ourselves into a coma (almost)! Happy Thanksgiving!
Macklin makes hot chocolate while Jackson enjoys bacon & pancakes!
Enjoying a little Edgar's pumpkin cookie for an after breakfast snack!
Table set for a Thanksgiving feast, Carle style! 
 Jackson surprising us as he tears into a turkey leg!
 Macklin staying true-to-form while refusing to eat anything except vanilla yogurt!
 Macklin down for the count (that yogurt must have been good)!
Daddy throws in the towel, too! Everything was DELISH!!
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