Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello, My Name is Amye, and I Am a Dork!

Most everyone that reads this blog knows that 7 months ago (WOW, I can't believe its already been 7 months!) I accepted a new position with the best company I have ever had the pleasure to work for, Hoar Construction. My position entails reviewing and understanding the risks associated with our line of work and managinig those risks on a day-to-day basis.

While I had a tinsy bit of experience in this area, I needed more knowledge under my work belt to better understand how to go about such a monumental task. I was lucky enough to get the okay to attend the 31st IRMI Construction Risk Conference in San Diego, California and I convinced Ray to join me. Here's the part where I say, "HELLO, MY NAME IS AMYE AND I AM A DORK." Yes, I know most people sign up for conferences, attend a sesssion and then explore the city the rest of the time. While I was game for a bit of sight-seeing, I really was interested in attending the conference. I attended every session [Dork] (plus an additional 2 sessions) I signed up for and I learned a ton of stuff [Dork]. I also made sure I got materials from the other sessions to read on my own [Dork] and attended almost all the networking functions [Dork]. It never occurred to me not too [Dork] until we ran into an old friend in the airport on the way back and she reminded me of the simple fact that nobody goes to all the sessions. So yes, I am a Dork!

We did, however, see a little bit of San Diego and what I did see, I LOVED! Give me a millionaires bank account (or let me win the lottery) and I'll move today! Here are a few photos of what I did take in (outside the confines of my conference walls)--hahaha....
Petco Park--home to the San Diego Padres (stadium was right across the pedestrian bridge from our hotel).
Gaslamp Quarter--this is where most of our dinners and events were held during the conference. Great area filled with resturants, shops and night spots.
USS Midway Museum--aboard the USS Midway which was one of America's longest serving aircraft carriers. It has 25 restored aircraft and it was really neat seeing how sailors made this place their home (I would not want to bunk in their room). See our deck photos and learn more about it by going here.
Old Town--this is the birthplace of California and the site of the first Spanish settlement. This picture is of the Whaley House, which is said to be haunted.
Old Town--this is The Church of the Immaculant Conception--I just thought it was beautiful!
Old Town Market--this was the best market--I could have spent all night here (and a LOT of money)! We got the boys the cutest guitars and they were a HUGE hit.
Embarcadero--this is San Diego's bayfront which is 4 miles of bayside paths which lead to a quaint seaside fishing village called Seaport Village.
San Diego was an awesome city and I would certainly recommend it!
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