Monday, November 28, 2011

We (Pretty Much) Missed the Iron Bowl

When my mom told me she & my sister had decided to have family Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 26th my reply was "WHAT? You do realize that's the Iron Bowl, right?" Her response, "Well, y'all aren't going are you?" Why no, we had not planned to go to the game, but anyone who lives in Alabama ought to know that people don't even have their weddings on this day--why? Because no-one will go!!! If they aren't at the game, they are parked in front of their television so they do not miss a single play!

I knew better; I should have opted out, stayed home and watched the game as I normally would, but I'm trying to be more accommodating these day (much to my own demise)! I believe we saw 5-6 plays in the first half, and Ray drove like a mad man to try to get us home in time to not miss the ENTIRE second half (and the radio in his car wouldn't work so we couldn't even listen to the game for the 1 1/2 hour drive home)! Luckily, we won really BIG and we got to see the fourth quarter, at least! Family--gotta love em'!!
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