Friday, April 6, 2012

Ready for Big School

The title of this post is how Jackson feels about Kindergarten--me, not so much. I know it's a great milestone and that he's going to have so much fun and GROW UP so fast, but I couldn't get out of that cute library and away from all that paperwork fast enough! Mostly because I knew I was about to loose it and cry like a baby and I didn't want all those women to think I was a crazy person!! Also, because as I was sitting there working on all his forms, I started remembering all his baby moments and I realized those were gone, we will now start to have big boy moments! I think that's the part I'm the most sad about. I remember holding him in the hospital and never wanting to put him down. I remember bringing him home and starring at him for hours just watching him sleep (and leaning down to make sure he was breathing). I remember him walking with his laughing lion for the first time, him saying his first word (ball) and all the other things that go with becoming a mommy and watching your little one grow. Now, he's embarking on this new adventure and although yes, I am sad, I am  also happy too. Happy for him. I know he's going to meet some great new friends and learn so many new things and Kindergarten is so much FUN! He's ready, now I just have to get myself ready!! Pin It

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