Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Creative Space

Building a new house is both fun and stressful. I enjoy picking out all the finishes, colors, textures and landscaping. The not so fun part is arguing with the builder on simple changes that can drastically impact how you use a space. Case in point--my new creative space! During the planning stage of building our house, I was adamant about eliminating wasted space. One such space was a storage closet due to be placed at the top of our staircase. It seemed odd to me that you would come to the top of the stairs and have a closet on the only usable wall in a small space. I could envision a table or desk there with something pretty hanging on the wall. I could not picture a door! Luckily, I was able the convince the contractor to turn the storage closet into additional space in the fourth bedroom. This enabled me to have a small work space which I have so deemed by creative space! I had the space all laid all out in my head and couldn't wait to move in so I could start really being creative. Funny how other things took precedent and the craft area was placed on the back burner for quiet some time. It will be two years this March since we moved and I finally have the craft area set-up--wow, two years! I am still finishing some updates, ie. bulletin boards, ribbon storage shelf, etc. but at least the space is usable. Needless to say, it hasn't seen a lot of action yet except for Jackson sitting at my desk and playing on the computer (I think he's creating his own blog), but I plan to break it in soon! Here's a quick tour: This is my new desk. A friend told me about this wonderful place called The Blue Building in Alabaster which had lots of hotel furniture it had recently acquired from a closing sale. I hurried over and was able to get it for $50. Of course, I had to paint it orange (go figure)....
The chair at my desk and the one in the corner is a set I bought at the Chelsea Antique Mall yard sale for $25. I painted them both chocolate and recovered the cushions with cream suede fabric...... Th armoire is one we had in the guest bedroom at our first house. It's a computer armorie so it's practical and has lots of interior room for storage. I decided to repaint it chocolate.... And here's the completed space--completely stocked brushes, canvases, fabric, ribbon, and lots of tools to foster some creativity--now, all I need to do is put it to good use!
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