Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cookies for the Cure

The boys' daycare is having a Breast Cancer Bake Sale today in honor of a sweet office worker that has been battling breast cancer. Ms. Kim is a very sweet, nurturing woman and to be honest, I did not even realize she was batting this disease until Ms. Gwen planned the Walk for the Cure and Bake Sale in her honor. I asked Ms. Gwen if we could contribute to the sale by making these and she was very happy with the suggestion (and the boys were SUPER excited to get to help in the kitchen)!
 With the help of their daddy, the boys mixed....
and flatted the cookie dough....
Daddy cut the dough into strips & shaped it into ribbons (I know, how AWESOME is he!!)....
 and I made them look pretty for the bake sale!
 After cooling overnight, I bagged into into plastic baggies and Macklin helped with the clean up! The kids are donating the proceeds from their bake sale to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation in Ms. Kim's honor!!!!
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