Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Sluggers

Each Monday night for the past 6 weeks, we have spent an hour and a half at the boys T-ball practice/game and I must say, it has been some of our funniest (& hottest) times spent with the boys. They enjoyed hitting, running, and fighting over which child would get the ball. At times, they enjoyed either picking the weeds while standing in the field or kicking the dirt awaiting the ball. And, at each game they have absolutely LOVED shaking hands with the opposing team and having snacks with their teammates. Jackson has taken to T-ball more than Macklin, but I think that can be attributed to age. He has been focused and really determined to get the rules down and do a good job. Macklin has enjoyed being in the mix and all the snacks! It has been a really fun time and I'm looking forward to many nights of T-ball (& baseball) in our future. Tonight is our last game so I wanted to share some of the cute pics from our first season of T-ball....

Go A's!!
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