Friday, August 20, 2010

A Coveted Space

No, this is not a picture of my craft room, gotcha! But I hope it's pretty close to my end result cause this is the look I'm going for--isn't it awesome! With the craft room move and re-vamp in full swing, I decided to try to create a space that reflects my personal design style. If I had to define my style I would say it is traditional meets shabby chic with a hint of Mediterranean flare and an eclectic twist [is there a word for that, I'll have to research that sometime]. I love the use of symmetry and orderly placed pieces [the traditional in me] coupled with vintage accessories [shabby chic] all in a room of yellow or orange [Mediterranean] with something unexpected to top it off [eclectic]. All this being said, I've been having some trouble putting this style sense in motion for the craft room. I have some ideas in my head of how I want it to turn out but I really needed some visual inspiration, something to get me back on track and I happened across this picture--this is it! I love the farmhouse desk with ornate legs. I love the wire shelving tucked into the nook with baskets and orderly placed pieces. I love the large letters above the window without drapes. I love the rolls of fabric in decoupaged stands and, the leather chair--LOVE! And, the dress form as a touch of the unexpected--how ingenious! I love this space and with it as my inspiration, I know I will love my new space too--can't wait!! Pin It

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