Monday, August 23, 2010

Dinosaur Birthday Bash

Saturday the entire family stomped, chomped and growled like dinosaurs as we made a quick trip over to Atlanta to attend the Dinosaur Birthday Bash at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the we had a BLAST!! Jackson is our little dinosaur fanatic and Macklin is happy to chime in with a "roar" every now and then so we thought this would be a fun event. Needless to say, they both had a blast!As we pull into the Museum these three large dinosaur statues greet us at the entrance and Jackson is excited beyond words. He says to daddy, "stop the car daddy, stop the car daddy, ...look at the dinosaurs daddy, look at the dinosaurs daddy!" To say the entrance plaza is packed full of excited children with parents in-tow is an understatement. Daddy dropped us off at the front door so he could begin his fight for a place to park--Jackson can hardly contain himself as we make our way over to the dinosaur statues. All he can say is "I want to ride the dinosaur mommy, I want to ride the dinosaur." I explain that we cannot ride the dinosaur which I'm certain will lead to a fit of dinosaur-sized proportions but instead, he politely gives me a "cheese" for the camera before we begin our dinosaur adventure. We enter into the Great Hall and are greeted by a large dinosaur skeleton and birthday party games galore. There's a dinosaur bean bag toss, a pin-the-bone-on-the-dinosaur game, a giant dinosaur crossword puzzle and Jackson's favorite, a dinosaur egg balancing game. After some dinosaur egg balancing fun, we continue on to seek out the dinosaurs. We come across a large dinosaur head..... a stegosaurus skeleton..... and our most favorite of all, the mighty T-Rex!!! With the discovery of the T-Rex, our dinosaur mission is complete! Jackson decides he's hungry and wants to buy a big dinosaur and go home. So, off to the Museum store we go for a quick purchase, one last photo-op with the dinosaur topiary (no, Jackson wouldn't let me take his picture this time and yes, I would like these at our house).... Happy Birthday Dinosaur!!!! Pin It

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