Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hooray for Design

I'm about to embark on a long weekend of house-cleaning and decorating so I needed something to get me in the spirit, sorta like the pep-rally before the big game! I decided to go to my trusty house ideas folder so I could get inspired and pumped up--check these out: The layout of this room reminds me of our living room. The fireplace, windows and bar are all in the same location and the rooms are comparable in size. I found this pick in the Southern Living Idea Houses book when we were looking for set-up ideas and we purchased the exact cabinet for our room--it has been one of the best furniture purchases ever as it is beautiful, sturdy, super functional and it didn't break the bank! This is my DREAM kitchen! I would be inspired to learn how to cook if I could do it in this space! Don't get me wrong, I can cook but if I had that professional WOLF stove and all that prep space, I'd be fired up everyday about making dinner. Maybe if I tell Ray that, he'll get on board for a big kitchen project for our next house! Check out this bathroom. We really wanted a gorgeous bathroom filled with custom tile and a largely different tub in our current house but our options were limited. I hold onto this as inspiration for our next house! While I like this dining room because it's size is intimate and cozy, the brick arch is what caught my eye. I really love the use of stone accents to provide texture and warmth to a space. This foyer is grand and full of wood--another one of my favorite design elements. I love the floors, the cabinet and of course that beautiful staircase! I love how the bottom stairs wrap as if they are the bottom of an evening gown--GORGEOUS! I feel inspired, do you? Pin It

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