Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye to August

We decided that the best way to say goodbye to the month of August, and the summer at our house was with our very first bout with an ear infection. Although our boys attend daycare full-time, we've been blessed with very little sickness. I try to tell myself it's due to the fact that I was militant about breastfeeding for at least six months with both and that our eating habits are pretty healthy [most of the time]. Because we haven't dealt with a lot of sickness, we're not very good when it comes to "diagnosing" symptoms. Thus, our poor little Mackie suffered with an ear infection over the weekend and we couldn't feel worse! My mom was at our house for the weekend for a nice visit. She continually told me that he kept pulling on his ears to which I said, "he does that all the time." He does, but this time he was doing it for a reason--they were hurting! After a weekend of crying and very little sleep, we decided a trip to see the doctor was in order. Macklin had a blast tearing up the examination table paper while we waited to see the doctor. After a quick exam, a huge, stinky diaper, and a prescription for amoxicilan, he was finally able to get a bit of much needed sleep! Pin It

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