Friday, September 3, 2010

Red to Orange to Red

I have always LOVED football. I began cheering at a very young age and something about the game itself just stuck with me. Maybe it was the wonderful Fall weather, or maybe the screaming fans or possibly just the atmosphere and excitement of it all that got me--it's just magical. While I loved cheering and did it for quiet some time, I knew I wasn't the girl that was destined to go on to cheer in college although I wanted to so badly. I was more the girl that needed to have her feet on the ground because I was dreadfully terrified of being the one thrown to-and-fro! I envied those girls a bit because they seemed fearless and they were so trusting--somehow they just knew they'd be caught and not hit the ground! Growing up, I was an Alabama fan for a while, then an Auburn fan in high school. I'm not exactly sure what brought about the switch but I've always thought it was because orange is my favorite color. I think too it could have been most of my friends were Alabama fans and I always tended to be the different one so Auburn seemed like a good choice, at least for a while. It was until I started college at the University of Alabama and was chosen as a Tide Pride Athletic Hostess that I decided I should readdress my loyalties. It seemed somewhat foolish to spend my Saturday's with thousands of screaming fans enjoying some of the most exciting moments in my life while secretly cheering for the cross-state rival. I admit, I didn't immediately switch back to being an Alabama fan. It took me a bit but I have now willingly embraced my school and returned to my first love, the University of Alabama. SO, with the start of the college football season and our first trip to Tuscaloosa to enjoy some wonderful Alabama football with 101,000 screaming fans, I post these precious pictures of Jackson and Macklin sporting their elephant costume at Halloween! Welcome back Fall and Alabama football--ROLL TIDE ROLL! Pin It

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