Friday, September 10, 2010

Recent Redos

One of my many strange tendencies is to rearrange the rooms in our home. I just can't seem to put something in a place and leave it there. Even though my madness lead to bodily hard for Ray several years ago, I cannot seem to kick the habit to move things! Bodily harm you ask, yes, bodily harm. Several years ago, I rearranged our living room after Ray went to bed one evening and when he got up early the next morning to let our dog out he broke his toe on our ottoman! Recently, we started entertaining the idea of selling our house. It's a great house, just not a great house for us. It's very spacious, has an open floor plan and sits on a great lot with an long driveway in a nice neighborhood. We have plenty of space to grow should we decide to expand our family but we think we'd be happier in a smaller, more comfy house.With these thoughts in mind, I've amped up my desire to get all the rooms finished and decorated for Fall. Now I not only face the challenge of incorporating kid-friendly design but must keep in mind that a "staged" house presents itself much better in the marketplace. Here's what I've accomplished so far: This is the small wall behind our front door as you enter our foyer. I placed a dainty table which I recently purchased at Chelsea Antique Mall. I wanted to use something in this space that wasn't overpowering but allowed for some small accent pieces.... This is the other small wall in our foyer. We used this cabinet in our previous house but I gave it a mini face-lift and added the dark brown accents. I wanted to have a mirror and lamp in this area for use in the evening and decided to keep the accents simple with my estate sale lamp which you may remember from here and some great frames I found at a few yard sales.... This is our dining room which is located just to the left of the foyer. This was one of the first rooms we painted when we moved in a few years ago. It's a fantastic shade of orange with turquoise and white accents and large, farmhouse style furniture for comfortable dining.... Our study is to the right of the foyer and has transom doors for privacy. You may recall this post which is the wall just to the left of these chairs. Currently, we are reevaluating the use of this space but this room is really comfortable and a great place to escape for some quiet time..... This is the entry hallway. I used this bookshelf from Pier One as a place to display lots of family photographs which can be easily removed before an open house.... This is the TV wall in our keeping room. The cabinet is from Z Gallery and was an excellent purchase--I wish I had another one. It neatly houses my collection of Martha Stewart magazines, design books, pottery and family photographs.... This is another view of our keeping room and it's where we spend the majority of our time. The curtains were my very first sewing project which you can read about here. I used the space underneath the couch table to organize all the boys books and toys in large baskets which provide easy access and clean-up.... This pie-safe serves as a room divider for the keeping room and eat-in kitchen area. We got this piece at Frontera and I must admit it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I have a set of pottery from my grandmother inside, a fore more design books and some serving pieces for entertaining.... This is a small wall in the back of our eat-in kitchen where I placed our wine table (minus the wine) and some cookbooks I use often.... And this is the space above largest wall of kitchen cabinets. It's hard to tell in this picture but the cabinets are designer cabinets with a glaze topcoat. I was the first to ever pick these cabinets at the design studio and everyone was anxious to see how they would look once installed. They are really neat and I am very happy with my choice. Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour. More decorating and space redos to come soon! Pin It

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