Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy "Dust" Day

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. He has been referring to today as "dust" day for the last few weeks because as he sees it, he is going to "turn to dust before your vary eyes". You'd think he was getting old (he isn't). Well yes, he is technically getting "older" but you know, that's what happens in this crazy thing we call life. In celebrating his special day, I've gone back and gathered up some photos of us over the years (yes, these make ME feel old). Happy "Dust" Day to my special guy, my "Lobster", my "Boo-Boo", my soul-mate, Ray--XOXOXO.
New York--December 2004 Jamaica & Kenny Chesney Concert--May 2005 Oregon & Seattle--July 2005 Law School Graduation--May 2006 Athens & Santorini--May 2006 Bar Induction Ceremony--October 2006 Jackson's Newborn Photo Session--April 2007 Jackson's 2Yr Photo Session--February 2009 Leaving Hospital with Macklin--April 2009 Disney--September 2009 Gulf Shores--July 2010
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