Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Weekend Rush

Saturday was a fun-filled day for all in the Carle household! Our plate was a full one as on the agenda for the day was a promising yard-sale, a birthday party in the park, Macklin's first overnight stay with the grandparents, a trip to Tuscaloosa and a shrimp boil to wind down the evening. To start the day off right, I got up extra early Saturday morning to prep party clothes and gameday outfits, organize the car, pack an overnight bag for Macklin, reload the snack bag and have a cup of coffee. I headed out to my yard sale knowing I was on a tight schedule. The sale was set to start at 8 am and our birthday party was starting at 9:30 so I had to be extra careful with my time management and believe me, that is not my strong point. I arrived at the sale, scoped out some items but didn't see anything I couldn't live without (a rarity for me). Although I left empty handed, it was a fun early morning adventure! I decided to make a quick stop for breakfast and then drove like a mad woman to get home, eat, and change clothes so we could make our way to the park. The birthday party was the hit of the day--Jackson and Macklin had a wonderful time and played like crazy! Jackson even told me it was the "best party ever" and that he loved me for bringing him--how cute is that! After the birthday party, we headed to Tuscaloosa to drop Macklin off at Gramie's for the night and to take Jackson to campus for some football gameday fun! We got to walk around a bit to check out the vendors, the statues, the stadium and some of the tailgating festivities--the atmosphere was great but Jackson was tired and ready to go home! On our way home we decided to have a shrimp boil while enjoying the game. We made a quick stop at the grocery store and got home in time to cook and relax before the game. Check out the yummies: The day was crazy and full of non-stop activity but we had so much fun! Pin It

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