Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Roundup

The weekends are not for resting at our house! Our weekends seems to always be full of projects, cleaning, cooking, birthday parties and prepping for the week ahead and this weekend was no exception. We spent Saturday morning doing mostly this.... The boys would live outside if we let them. It doesn't matter how hot it is or if it's raining--they love being outside. We walk to the lake in our neighborhood several times a day to see the ducks and geese and then we spend a lot of time in the driveway riding bikes, trikes, wagons, trains, golf carts, the dog--whatever--it doesn't matter! We gathered pine cones on this outing for one of mommy's Fall projects (I'll post about that later this week). We also managed to return some drawer pulls to Hobby Lobby, go grocery shopping at Publix, pick up a gift card at Academy, drop off clothes at the consignment store, browse Chelsea Antique Mall, buy mums and garden items at Rockett's Bug Juice Gardens, run through Wal-mart to get a birthday present, and start decorating for Halloween! Oh yeah, we watched some football too! Sunday, we had two birthday parties. One was a sports party and they both had lots of fun throwing the football and basketball with Daddy..... The other party was an "Olivia" themed party. Macklin didn't make this one (he was still napping) but Jackson had lots of fun eating ice cream and pretending to be "Olivia".... After dinner, both boys got to enjoy their party treats. After a quick bath, Jackson was ready for bed but insisted on taking his pig nose with him. Needless to say, it was a fun weekend! Pin It

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