Monday, September 27, 2010

Pinecones & Pumpkins

It was another project weekend and I must say, we made some major progress! God bless my sweet mother for entertaining the boys while I cleaned, organized, decorated and purged my little heart out--it was fabulous! Friday afternoon I started my painted pinecones project. Notice how I say started and not finished! Since it rained, I wasn't quiet able to finish spray painting but again, major progress....
Here is the bag of pinecones I gathered last weekend.... and here they are all spread out before the spray paint.... and here with the first few coats. Again, not finished but major progress!
Saturday morning, Mom and I headed over to the Mt. Laurel Community Yard Sale and we scored some major bargains. My absolute favorite find of the day was this awesome set of pumpkins for $10....
They are already perfectly perched on top of my china cabinet for Halloween, along with the empty hurricanes which will house my finished painted pinecones & some acorns. I'm so glad it's Fall!
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