Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rammer Jammer

What a WONDERFUL weekend! It was so nice to welcome the month of September with glorious Fall weather and some college football! For the first time in a very long time, Ray and I attended an Alabama football game together and enjoyed the game without having to run around like crazy. If you didn't know this about us, Ray and I meet through college football. I was the collegiate sales manager for a great company in Tuscaloosa and an athletic hostess at Alabama. Ray worked for a company out of Birmingham that specialized in sports marketing. Our bosses introduced us in the Fall of 1998 and here we are, ten years later! Since we were both involved in sports marketing before we were married, it was nice to recall those days but not be living in them--no pregame equipment to set-up, no mics to check, no skyboxes to get in order, no inventory checks and no complaints to have to smooth out! It was nice and refreshing! We began our trip to Tuscaloosa at 2pm and were on campus by 3pm; we were both shocked and excited! We parked pretty close to the stadium and decided to walk around and take in the pregame festivities. The new stadium expansion and facilities are quiet impressive! While we'd checked the stadium map and knew our seats were in the new section of the stadium, we weren't exactly sure of their location so we wanted to get inside and get settled before it was too crowded. We opted out of the elevator and walked the ramp--8 levels worth--and the view at the top was amazing! We watched the players take the field for warm up and enjoyed meeting some of the great fans around us. Everyone was so excited that college football was finally here and it was funny to listen to all the speculation from everyone about the game and the season. I enjoyed taking it all in--the pregame cheers, the videos on the big-screen and the playing of "Sweet Home Alabama"--it all gives me goosebumps! Once the band took the field, I knew were were that much closer to kickoff and the undefeated Crimson Tide! The game was great--we won 48-3 and enjoyed a whopping six hours away from the boys which I am quiet certain is a record for us. We decided that since we continuously said to each other that we wished the boys were with us or how Jackson would love this or that, we will definitely have to make a trip back with them--they would have had a blast! Pin It

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