Monday, August 2, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

Recently, my craft room has expanded from a small area in the upstairs bedroom to a room all its on. My sweet husband decided that I just didn't have enough room to spread out and complete my projects so he helped me begin the recent move to another bedroom upstairs. I now have a dedicated room and much needed space to grow. With the craft room expansion project came the need for some new furniture. And by new, I mean new to me and cheap--not new as in go to the nearest furniture store and pick out something for delivery. So, the search began. I happened to come across this wonderful, old dresser at a junk store a few weekends ago while my mom and I were out looking for another furniture piece for yet another "expansion" project--another post on that to come soon. It was a bargain price but at the time, not a piece I needed so rather than buy it, I filled it away in my mind and moved on in my search. With the new craft room in swing, I remembered that the dresser was large, cheap and had tons of potential so I decided it would make a great sewing station in my new craft room. Ray was completely on board with going to get it and he negotiated and ever better price--gotta love a him!!! Its a sturdy piece with 9 drawers--3 on the left and right and 3 more tucked away behind the doors. I plan to organize all my patterns, fabric, thread and accessories. I cannot wait to finish its makeover and get it to its new home in my craft room. Pin It

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