Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Design Inspiration

I'm in a mood to redo every room in the house! Relax, I'm not about to attempt that but I am contemplating some painting, rearranging and organizing. I recently read an article on classic American interiors that had some inspiring ideas for rooms based influential styles seen in cities across the United States. It's hard for me to choose just one because there are several of them I really like--which one, or one's, inspire you? The Los Angeles Look Here you have a mid-century modern look with the use of sleek furniture, hardwoods and breezy floor-to-ceiling curtains. I'm not usually a mid-century modern design type of girl but I would LOVE this room in my house (minus the gold accents, of course!).
The Chicago Look This room has a neutral wall color which allows the trim work to really pop. The large space is defined with an area rug and the upholstered furniture finishes it off. I would add a little more "spice" to this room with some more red (see a hint of it hiding in the back corner) but this room looks very comfortable and inviting. The Key West Look Now we're talking! Load this room on the truck and deliver it to me, please!! The use of white with the bright lime accent speaks to me. You could use other colors, like turquoise or yellow, with or without the lime green. This room is relaxing and perfect! The Santa Fe Look This style always grabs me and pulls me in. I love Southwestern architecture and the use of warm colors and stone floors! Adding the rich browns with the use of leather and wood help pull this style together--fabulous!
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