Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Macklin's 2nd Birthday: Trains, Trains, Trains

Saturday was Macklin's Train-Birthday-Party and we had an absolute BLAST! When I say this boy is obsessed with trains I mean he's OBSESSED with TRAINS! To make his day extra fun and full of trains, we hired a trackless train to ride everyone around the neighborhood, had motorized trains for riding in the driveway, and enjoyed lots of train-themed treats like train suckers, train sippy cups and and locomotive juice (lemonade & sweet tea)! Below are some photographs of the festivities and a few links for some great idea sites I discovered while gathering inspiration for the celebration.

It was EXTREMELY windy so we set the "Dining Car" up next to our garage doors. Not the back-drop we wanted but we also didn't want all our yummys to blow away!  

We opted for a simple sheet cake that was marble cake with vanilla cream icing. In our transition of the "Dining Car" it cracked but we managed just fine. I added the "2" candle and the train to the cake--I found the train candle holder at trainparty.com--great website!

The favors were train-shaped crayons, candy and a cute engine train tag I made. I just searched the Internet for train images, added a personalized message and printed in color. 

Here's our homemade train crayons. If you'd like to make some of these yourself, check out this post for the instructions. They are really fun to make and Macklin had a BLAST helping!

I found the Railroad Crossing sign at trainparty.com and made signs for the other areas out of construction paper. I used a Martha Stewart train hole-punch I found at Michael's to decorate the edges of the paper.

The caboose sippy cups and train suckers were my favorites! Both came from orientaltrading.com and they were a HUGE hit! Everyone took a caboose sippy cup home with them and the boys enjoyed sweet tea all day in their cups--they're really cute!
The biggest success of the party was the trackless train courtesy of ABC Concessions. The conductor drove all the party guests all over our neighborhood and it was AWESOME! Macklin wanted to keep it forever but I was able to convince him that we had to let it go to the next little boys party!
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