Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monogram Plates

I recently got this really cute project idea in one of my crafting newsletters and had to share it. I have a set of these clear plates and I can't wait to personalize them with our initial. Enjoy! Materials Needed: Clear Plate(s); Paint for Glass/Ceramics; Foam Alphabet Stamps; Q-tips; Very Fine Tip Paintbrush; Stencil Background Stamp for Monogram (optional).
The stamps are applied in reverse--this is the backside of the initial stamps (showing the outline option) sitting on top of the back of the clear glass plate.
Applying the Paint: Choose your color for your middle foam stamp. It is always best to do the middle initial first in order to center it properly. Here the center initial was a “B” and it had to be applied in two steps because a “B” does not translate in reverse. Letters that reverse are much easier, such as the “M” and the “C”, since they can be flipped either way and will stamp in reverse just fine. Practice several times before applying to your plate to be sure you have the letters reversed correctly--just remember, you are basically rotating your letter on the vertical, like you would if you held it up to a mirror.

Stamp your plate with the paint already applied to the foam letters (it's easiest to apply the paint to the letters using a Q-tip). Because your plate is clear, it is best to press the plate on top of the stamp, rather than the stamp on the plate. This way, you can position it perfectly, and you can add pressure by pressing on the plate to make the paint adhere better.

After your foam letter is applied, you will see that the paint is not uniform. You will need a very fine tip paintbrush to fill in the uneven spots. The higher the quality of your paintbrush the better, because you’ll be able to stay within the lines more precisely. Let your monogram dry for 1 hour. After an hour, apply a second layer of paint with your fine tip brush by filling in the monogram again. You’ll be pleased that you applied a second coat because it makes for a bolder statement. Let dry for 1 hour. Repeat this step for however many plates you want to complete.

Simple letters would be fine, but your plates will be even prettier if you choose to add a second background layer for interest. Just find a large foam stencil style stamp you like and add it in a separate color for a bigger impact. Remember, you must apply your letters first, because your second layer will be hidden behind the monogram and this is the look you’ll want to achieve. Do not do the decorative layer first! Apply the second color of paint to the decorative stamp with a Q-tip or second paintbrush (other than your fine tip brush).
Again, lay the stamp paint side up on your newspaper, and press the plate directly on to the stamp. Again, you’ll see that the paint does not apply evenly, but it does give you the shape you desire. Fill in the design with your fine tip paintbrush. Let first layer of paint dry 30 minutes. Come back and fill in a second layer with your paint color and brush. Now you’re done! Let all plates dry overnight. A set of these for a close friend or your Mom for Mother's Day would be really special!
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