Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Organized Series: The Family Room

Our third installment of the getting organized series courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens provides some great advice for organizing your Family Room. Let's face it, most of us spend our quality family time in this room and we need it to be both functional AND comfortable. Getting and keeping the family room organized can be a daily challenge at my house so these tips really gave me some additional ideas for concurring the clutter!
First, you should Develop Zones for your family room. Creating a sense of togetherness is effortless when you choose integrated storage. The first step is to be realistic about how everyone uses the room so you can give each activity some space of its own. Such agreed-upon zones keep activities enjoyable and clutter-contained. You should also try to Control Your Extras by keeping only movies, games, music, and books that you use and realistically fit on your shelves. Labeled photo boxes are stylish and the perfect size for stashing on shelves in an entertainment center or furniture armoire.

This next tip is one I put to use in every room, especially in my family room. Create Space from Thin Air

by creating storage behind a couch, love seat, or armchair. Pull furniture far enough from the wall to allow for open crates or bins, as well as access to them. Furniture pieces such as lift-top ottomans are also ideal for storage-strapped rooms. I LOVE using baskets and pretty bins under couch tables and chairs--great hiding place for magazines & toys!

Lastly, you should make Room for Everyone! Since every family member spends time in this room, it can become a jumble of activities and stuff. Create storage for each activity, whether it's reading, playing games, watching television paying bills, or playing with a pet. Pin It

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