Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve in Atlanta

Ray and I had the chance to have an out-of-town date night which involved a trip to Atlanta for the Zack Brown Band concert. Some very sweet friends invited us to tag along (thank you, Holly & Chris) to enjoy the concert and it was AWESOME! I wasn't able to take my good camera into the Philips Arena (no professional cameras allowed) so I had to make due with my iPhone--here are the best pictures I got.
The only unfortunate aspect of the trip was that it was the Chic-fil-A Bowl and Auburn was in town. We laughed during their parade (I had to twist Ray's arm to make him watch as he HATES parades almost as much as he HATES Auburn), sang Alabama versions of their songs, played a game of "guess which fan" because the AU and VA fans looked exactly alike (albeit the VA fans looked just a little more educated), and managed to snag the boys the cutest cows and footballs that didn't have anything AU on them!
We had a wonderful, adult night that reminded us how old we are and then hurried home to our precious boys! Happy New Year!!
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