Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Organized Series: In the Kitchen

If you're like me, you really start to get attempt to organized with the start of the New Year. You've just cleared away all the Christmas decorations, have made a New Year's resolution (that you'll attempt to keep), and you've vowed to FINALLY cut the clutter and get organized. I take this on every year with the greatest of intentions yet seem to fall short in getting it done. I did come across this great article in Better Homes and Gardens which gives great tips for getting organized one room at a time. Since I really enjoyed and found some useful tips, I thought I'd make series of it and share it with you for your organizing needs this 2012. Let's kick if off with the most popular room in the house (at least it is at my house), the Kitchen.

BH&G's advice for tidying up your kitchen is to first, Clear The Countertops! Countertops should hold only things you use on a daily basis. Enjoy peace of mind by creating a permanent spot for everything else, including appliances. Place small appliances deep within a corner niche or behind an appliance garage to maximize counter space.

Second, you should divide and conquer your Drawers and Cupboards. Avoid jumbled messes in drawers and cupboards with dividers, bags, and caddies for frequently used items, such as silverware, napkins, and even baking supplies. Most cabinet manufactures have good options for pullouts, shelf inserts, hooks, and other kitchen organizing tools.

One of the hardest things in our house is keeping the kitchen free of clutter. If you're family is at all like ours, you come into the kitchen and drop your keys, briefcase, shoes, kiddos school papers, and all the daily STUFF on the counter so you can look at it after the hustle & bustle of dinner. BH&G's suggestion for curring this problem is to Corral Personal Items.  To prevent the room from becoming a dumping ground, try this rule: By dinnertime, the kitchen must be clear of personal items.

Finally, check out The Big Picture! To get a handle on all the food, gadgets, and equipment that live in the kitchen, catalog those you use regularly and divide them based on where in the room they're most used. Store things as close as possible to where you use them. If you rarely or never use an item, give it away or store it in an out-of-the-way spot, such as in the basement, on high shelves in the pantry, or in the back of a corner cabinet.

Not sure about you, but I certainly plan to put a few of these organizing tips to good use in my kitchen! Pin It

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