Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth (Would Someone PLEASE Tell My Boys That)!

We took the boys to the circus last night thinking they would have a BLAST and love it. Especially since the theme was "Dragons" and they are enthralled with all things dragons right now. Well, they weren't exactly into the circus. They loved all the preshow activities, the slides, the treats and the animals. But, once the show got underway, it was a real task trying to keep them in their seats and interested in the show. Hmmm, are my children weird? I have several friends that do the circus every year--it's one of the things their children look forward too. Mine, not so much. Not sure if we'll give it another try next year or not, but we got a couple of good pictures in the short time we were there (yes, they wanted to leave about 35 minutes into the show)!

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