Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Organized Series: The Garage

I LOVE the garage! This is the space where we do a lot of CREATING at our house and we're always trying to think of better ways to get it organized so we can find things quicker. For the New Year room-by-room organization tips courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, the garage did not go unnoticed and these tips are EXCELLANT!

Enlist Wall Space. Because shelves tend to collect clutter, opt for solutions that mount to the wall or ceiling. They take up less space and require you to designate specific spots for each item. A wall-hung storage system organizes a mountain of sports gear in a slim space, keeping the floor clear of clutter and allowing a car to park nearby.

Think Modular. Modular cabinets combine to form a station for gardening and garage work. A floor rack keeps large tools in check, while smaller tools hang from sliding clips on a slatted wall panel. Short cubbies and drawers provide storage for gardening supplies and form a countertop for potting.

Keep It Convenient.  Encourage the whole family to recycle by designating an easy-to-reach zone for cans, papers, and plastics. A trio of stackable bins forms a compact recycling station that is conveniently located near the door to the house. Plastic containers offer clean, moistureproof storage, while clear labels help keep things in order. Reusable grocery bags are stored nearby for trips to the store. Pin It

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