Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Adventure

On a whim yesterday, we decided it would be a fun birthday adventure to spend some time at the Birmingham Railroad Park. We have heard so many great things about this new city asset but had been for a visit. Crazy, I know, since our boys would live in a train if given the choice. Both boys were beyond EXCITED, as you'll see in the pictures. "TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!" Macklin couldn't stop yelling at the trains and Jackson begged to get on one and blow its whistle. It wasn't easy explaining that we were not allowed to get on board--thank goodness for the separation fence or they would have taken off! Pure amazement! Can you tell Jackson is trying to convince us that he can get on that train and blow its whistle? He continuously told us that we could catch it if we just tried and that he would ask the conductor for permission to come aboard. He's quiet persistent! Both of them would have stayed all night.... and just stared at the trains as they rolled in and out of the park. They LOVED it! I am quiet certain we will be adding the Railroad Park to our weekly rotation of places to visit. It was fun to watch them in all their excitement.
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