Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring: Hues of Pink

I must admit that I am a bit on the fence when it comes to pink. The thing I really do like about shades of pink is how from one hue, pink can be soft and relaxing and in another hue it can become bold and energizing. While that's true with many colors, pink just seems to have some quality the other colors don't have--I haven't quiet put my finger on it but I think it's because I've been ignoring pink for way too long. Why, you ask, would I ignore pink? I think the thing that bothers me, personally, about pink is that it tends to be a bit overused. Because it feel into my overused category, I've steered clear of pink in most of my color choices. I have a tendency to lean more toward colors rarely thought of--the unexpected. However, recently I've seen some designs that are making me rethink my pink--check these out:
photo courtesy designer Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson is one of my favorite designers. Her simplistic, yet unexpected uses of the color pink give a fresh, new look to this girl's bedroom. The bold, floral fabric is feminine but not too sweet--genius!
photo courtesy Rate My Space
The polka-dot pillow provided the inspiration ECinNC used to design the focal wall in her daughter's bedroom. The pairing of the pink polka-dots with the and apple green damask fabric is complementary while the white provides a grounding for all the pops of color. Fresh and bold!
photo courtesy designer Erinn Valencich
Using spring tulips and roses in the same shade of pink provide a hint of the change in season. And, the mirrored stacked tables are pretty de-lish too!!!
photo courtesy designer David Bromstad
I'M IN LOVE! Now, this space and all its pink have my heart fluttering! Designer David Bromstad, another of my favorites, brilliantly harmonized deep burgundy, yellow and touches of pink in this open floor plan space. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! So, with my new appreciation for pink and its many hues, I think I may incorporate it into a space this spring. Bring on the pink!!
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