Friday, March 25, 2011

Pirate Patch Jax

Today was Jackson's 4-year check-up. This one is supposed to be rather uneventful--a few little tests, weight, height, sucker & we're out the door. What I didn't know until we were waiting patiently in our exam room is that Alabama's rules for vaccinations have changed and that sweet Jackson was gonna be getting 4 shots this year rather than next year before starting kindergarten--not happy news for Mommy or a 4-year old. Can I also add that the sight & hearing screening wasn't a hit either? Rather than telling the nurse what was in the picture with his uncovered eye, Jackson insisted on leaning back and looking from underneath the patch over his eye (quiet smart if you ask me!) to reveal the photo. While awaiting for Dr. Darby, and before we got the dreaded 4 shots news, Jackson decided to play under the exam table rather than on it. We learned that his growth pattern is quiet consistent with where he's always been: 32 lbs 10 oz (25 percentile) and 38 1/2 inches tall (25 percentile). His Daddy is praying for height and I keep reminding him that neither of us are exactly basketball player quality! It was a good checkup and Jackson enjoyed his red "hotsicle" (code word for popsicle) treat for being such a big boy!
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