Friday, December 10, 2010

GiGi & PaPa

Ray's parents came from Oregon to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us and Ray's sister. It was so nice having them in town and the boys had so much fun playing with them. I feel terrible because I did not take more pictures--I completely forgot! I did manage to get a few the last night they were with us. We visited a quiet little restaurant in Mt. Laurel called "Stones Throw Bar & Grill". It was a neat place and we had a great dinner. Jackson was more than happy to say "cheese" for mommy's camera.....
Jackson & GiGi Jackson & PaPa Macklin wasn't into having his picture taken at all--he was too busy trying to get away so he could explore his surroundings... Macklin escaping from GiGi This dinner reminded me why we always do take-out! No, really, they were pretty good and we enjoyed a great meal. Afterward, we all had a slice of carrot cake and a glass of red wine to toast GiGi & PaPa's visit. We wish they lived closer but they like the cold weather (we do not)!
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