Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The One That Got Away

For the first time in as long as I can remember the Iron Bowl was held the day after Thanksgiving. We were pretty lucky (and surprised) to get tickets and sky-box passes to the game (THANKS Kirk). To say I was excited would be an understatement! Ray was more than happy to watch the game in the warmth of our house while cooking (which was our plan) but with the gift of tickets, he was happy to tag along for the fun!
After a call to my mom to be sure she could watch the boys if we went to the game (she was delighted), we were out the door. Everyone sported their Alabama gear, loaded up (even Rainbow Dog) and headed to Tuscaloosa.
Since we hadn't planned on attending the game, we had a few errands to run before we could leave town. I'd ordered a carrot cake from Edgar's that wouldn't be ready until 9am. We also needed a new cooler and a different jersey for Jackson so we scurried around town like crazy people! We'd hoped to get to Tuscaloosa early enough to take the boys to a few pre-game festivities before having my mom take them to her house. We rushed to get the cake, cooler and jersey. We changed Jackson and were on the road by 9:45. Luckily, Ray was savvy and maneuvered us around most of the early traffic congestion. Unfortunately, as we got closer to Tuscaloosa, this is what we saw! We knew we wouldn't be able to do any pre-game festivities so we met my mom at her office to hand off the boys so we could continue our fight with traffic to Bryant Denny Stadium. We parked, layered up because it was COLD, bought some shakers and made our way to our seats. I was still amazed we were actually there--it felt GREAT! The Million Dollar Band took the field and the excitement mounted! We were hopeful that we would end Auburn's run at the National Championship title we were defending! As I watched Coach Saban and the team position themselves to take the field, listened to the elephant roars and saw the sea of red & white shakers I began to get chill-bumps (not from the cold-although it was pretty cold)! THIS IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!!! I took this picture as the first half was drawing to a close and the score was 21-0, Crimson Tide! If I could have made it happen, I would have ended the game right here--this would have been a much better outcome for us! The first half of the game was beautiful--we looked like a championship team that was not about to let our rival come to our house and win--no matter what! It was a great feeling and we were so glad to be at the game to witness what we hoped, would be a HUGE win for us. During halftime we enjoyed a pizza, a stadium dog and a large coke! We visited the sky-box during the second half and got a much needed chance to thaw out! Unfortunately, with the warmth of the indoors came the fizzle of the Crimson Tide. We seemed to look like a team that was trying not to loose and Auburn started to look like the team that was playing to win. All our momentum was gone and crazy enough, we lost 28-27. WHAT JUST HAPPENED and HOW? We felt nauseated and and couldn't wait to get back home to mourn! Although we didn't win we had a great time and hold our heads high with a 9-3 season and a bowl game appearance--Roll Tide Roll!!!
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