Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Thanksgiving morning we awoke to beautiful weather--it was in the low 70's and absolutely WONDERFUL! We enjoyed a nice breakfast, had a pot of coffee, started some laundry, cleaned out our closet, got together a donation for the United Veterans Association, finished some last minute cleaning and put our corn casserole in the oven (I'd say we were quiet productive)!
Jackson and Macklin went pretty casual for Thanksgiving because we knew they'd be playing outside with their cousins. This is a picture of Jackson with Rainbow Dog. Rainbow Dog is his classroom pet at school that gets to go on adventures with all the classmates. His teacher asked if Rainbow Dog could spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us and Jackson was happy to have him! Here's Macklin who was not at all interested in mommy taking his picture--this is the best one I got of him all day! They were both very eager to have some turkey and spend some time with family! We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal and visited with the family. Afterward, we headed back home for some more cooking. We put the dressing and green bean casserole in the oven and prepped our turkey with Rainbow Dog's help; it was a great Thanksgiving!
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