Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sanity Check

After yesterday, I am truly convinced that my sanity, and parenting skills, are being tested! Yesterday had to have been the worst day of my parenting life and I was happy to see it go. Here's what happened. Monday evening ended like any other Monday--family stroll, dinner, baths, and bedtime stories. And, although I felt a bit yucky after dinner, I shook it off and got things ready for Tuesday. However, 11pm came and up I was with an explosive case of the hurls! Poor Jackson soon followed and I became convinced he and I had eaten something that just didn't settle right. Daddy & Mackin were just fine! Tuesday morning was our normal morning rush routine. Daddy was out the door a tad earlier than usual for election day poll-watching in Talledega county. Macklin had a nurses visit for his second flu shot and Jackson was going along for moral support & then we'd be off to school and work. Here's where the sanity test begins. We arrive at the doctor's office at 8:45 am, sign in and take our seat in the "Well" waiting area. Jackson is playing with dinosaurs and Macklin is patiently perched in my lap. Jackson looks over at me and says "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Recalling the early morning incident, I immediately stand and proceed to the restroom but, it's too late and the lobby floor is covered in strawberry pop-tart and milk. I am trying to pull him to the restroom before anymore pleasantries arrive but we don't make it. Another sweet mom offers to take Macklin so I can get Jackson in the bathroom and cleaned up. I undress him, clean him up as best as I can with what is available in the restroom (diaper bag is in the car as I believed it would be an in-and-out visit). After I attempt to clean up our mess on the floor, we gather ourselves and take our seats back in the "Well" waiting room. I'm sure those who have witnessed our "event" are disturbed since we don't appear well at all. I'm now wondering if we should move into the "Sick" waiting room but decided to wait it out in our original spot since we're only there for a quick shot, right? Let me just say, there was nothing quick about it. I watch as name after name is called and the waiting room seems to empty. I'm worried they have forgotten we're there but decide to patiently wait. The boys get increasingly antsy and poor Jackson needs clean clothes. After an hour since our check-in passes, I decide it's time to reschedule. With my request to reschedule, inquiries are made as to why I'm still there, why it's taking them so long and the like amongst the staff. Thankfully, they decide to get us our shot and send us on our way --total time = one hour, 14 minutes. Once in the car, I pondered work/school v. staying home and briefly decide on work/school if our temps are normal. We make a quick run home to change Jackson's clothes and check temps and oops, I get sick. OK--home it is. I change into mommy clothes and get everyone settled in for the day. It's a long day of sickness for all--me, Macklin & Jackson--there are lots of yucky details I will not share with you but it was a bad sick day and it was all day. Around 4:30pm, the dog decides it's her bathroom time and she and I make a quick trip to the back yard. Behind me, Macklin decides to shut, and lock, the door. After an hour and half of begging, pleading, frantic phone calls to my mom, and trying every window and door while praying, our next door neighbor and her daughter are able to convince Jackson to unlock the front door! You see, each time I begged him and Macklin to do it, they would cry or laugh and run off to play. Thank you Adrianne and Carly! The day is topped off with dinner for the boys (they keep everything down--YEAH), baths, story-time and cartoons. I manage to do some dishes, laundry and get the coffee set for the next day. My mom calls to check on us and Daddy calls on his way home. I filled him in on all the horrors of day and cry hysterically--it was a really bad day! Pin It

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