Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Roudup

Happy Halloween! We had so much fun this weekend. The boys were completely ecstatic to get to wear their costumes all weekend--yes, all weekend. We started trick-or-treating on Friday and didn't stop until Sunday night. Wow, mommy & daddy are tired and full of candy! Here's a recap of our Halloween festivities.... Friday morning the boys got to wear their costumes to school for a trick-or-treating field trip. Needless to say, they were both more than excited! That afternoon Jackson's class had a Halloween party and it was super fun! All the kids enjoyed making ghost suckers, eating some yummy treats and showing off their costumes to the parents. There were princesses, super hero's and prehistoric animals everywhere! Friday night we had an invite to watch Maia's cheer squad at a "Parent Show-off" event before her big cheer competition in November. Since my mom was in town for all the Halloween fun, we decided to let Mackie enjoy some "Grammy" time and take Jackson (he's crushing on Ms. Kristin, Maia's mom) to enjoy some "girly" festivities! It was really fun watching all the cute little girls do their cheer routines and Jackson had a blast! He sat in Ms. Kristin's lap and clapped, yelled and asked "when is the music coming back on?" Maia did a great job (she's the one on the left side, very end) and we can't wait to watch the competition--Go Chelsea! Saturday we made our weekend trip to the park and enjoyed some nice family time. We watched football (of course) and ran through our usual list of chores. It was a challenge keeping the boys out of their costumes until dark but somehow we managed to do it. A little 5pm, we got them all dressed and ready to go. Macklin sported a bat costume this year and Jackson was a dinosaur, more specifically a "green T-Rex" (that is, if you ask him)! We have enough candy to open a store! Between school and our neighborhood they really racked up! But, of course we weren't finished. Sunday afternoon, they dawned their costumes yet again for a trunk-or-treat at the Town of Mt. Laurel. There were bouncy houses, games and trunks FULL of treats! Jackson enjoyed the slide and Macklin enjoyed the ice cream! It was a great Halloween weekend! Pin It

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