Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Style Crush

I have been in a MAJOR personal style slump for quiet some time. It seems to take me a million hours to get ready in the morning because I can't find anything to wear. My hair is too long and needs some major help. And, even though I put makeup on I still look colorless and tired. So, I have decided it is time for a change. I began looking for some style inspiration so I could give myself a makeover. Well, I have to admit that I have a serious style crush on Princess Letizia of Spain. Why, you ask? Ah, let me show you.
Princess Letizia is amazingly stylish! Her style is effortless and classic. Yes, I realize she has a team of people that enable her to pull this off but, I'm gonna attempt to borrow some of her style ideas and see if I can just come close to her effortlessness. (No, I will not match the boys to my outfits--that would be a bit much for a mere pheasant such as myself!)
I am drawn to her simplistic and put together look. I LOVE the peep-toe snakeskin pumps and pencil skirt. Funny thing I realized is that I don't even own a pencil skirt! I plan to add one to my wardrobe this season (I believe I have the shoes under control).
How stylish and beautiful is this look? A simple white dress but how super stylish that it has one shoulder instead of two. Yet another stylish item I don't own--the one shoulder shirt or dress. And the styled ponytail-- now that's a hairstyle I can get on board with!
See how her style is so amazing yet not overdone. I'm crushing! Belted coats, gray, skirts and scarfs! Black (something I have TOO much of), a classic suit but in red which is FABULOUS (I need a new suit) and the shoes--love them all!
Dresses--I admit I do not wear enough of them but I do LOVE a good dress! And, a belted one is even better (it may help me look skinner)! Yet again, a piece I will be adding to my wardrobe!
So, with my new style inspiration I'm determined to change it up a bit this season. I plan to start with a closet clean-out and a trip to the salon--wish me luck!
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