Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home Made Flames

Every year, my office competes in a chili cook-off competition held by a local college pre-law association and from what I hear, our chili is the BEST! When volunteers were needed to help set-up and decorate our tent, I was eager to help! The decision had been made to do a "Chili Bowl", sorta like the "Iron Bowl" or the "Sugar Bowl" in football (hey, we're in the South so don't judge) and use our local teams as opponents. I suggested having flames coming off our tent and volunteered to purchase or make them. Well, I scoured the marketplace and was unable to find pre-made flames so I decided to make them myself. Here's what I did:
I used several cardboard boxes and cut the flames out with a utility knife. Once I had them all cutout, I laid them out on large pieces of cardboard and spray painted them with two different shades of red and..... had flames. Our plan was to hang them from the tent but the wind would not cooperate. My sweet husband told me they looked like dinosaur teeth but.... I think they look like flames--how about you? While we didn't win the judges choice for the best chili, we did win the people choice and to me, that's the best award to win! I didn't get to taste our chili but it smelled FABULOUS! Maybe next year we'll bring home the judges trophy!
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