Friday, October 15, 2010

Alphabet Art

As you've probably noticed by now, I'm somewhat of a "project" person. I never seem to fully finish a room in our house. I'm constantly looking at ways to better utilize space and things I can do to make a room more comfortable. For some time now, we've been thinking about co-bunking the boys in one room and having the other room as a playroom. Let's face it, children have lots of equipment, toys and stuff and I think a dedicated room for all that stuff is the way to go. While we love the idea, we've gone back and forth a bit for a few reasons. One, Macklin is still in his crib and we're not sure he's ready to make the transition to a big boy bed. Two, Jackson is in that territorial phase right now and we don't want a constant fight on our hands over toys. And three, with our thoughts of listing the house in early spring, we're sure we'd have to change the playroom back into a bedroom for the market so again, we're not sure if we're gonna do it or not. The one thing I am sure of is that both room are about to get a mini-makeover. I consign the boys outgrown clothes and my maternity clothes at this really cute store called Wee Peat Boutique. They offer a wide range of items and the quality of their merchandise is fantastic. Rather than getting a check for my sales, I utilize the store credit option and get the boys clothes for the season. Recently, I got 7 outfits and this awesome piece of artwork without even reaching into my wallet! Alphabet art is great because it can be used as an educational tool and it's pretty! I've been eying several different alphabet art pieces online but just haven't wanted to spend $200 for a piece of art I won't be able to use in a few years. I spotted this one at the consignment store and just couldn't resist. It was under $50, it's very large, has a wrapped canvas and it is too cute in Jackson's room. If you haven't tried consigning yet I highly recommend it to you. Check out some stores close to you and get their policies and procedures. It's a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to dress your children (and their walls), without spending any money! Pin It

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