Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Typically, I have a long list of weekend activities and fun to blog about on Monday morning. However, this weekend was rather quiet and laid back for us and I must say, it was nice. We didn't have a bunch of projects, nor did we have multiple birthday parties or events to rush to--it was a fun, family weekend! Friday we enjoyed a nice family dinner at home. Jackson requested sloppy joe's and fruit and I was happy to comply with his request. Saturday morning we had a nice trip to the park, played with trains, made some chicken enchilada soup, and watched Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween specials. We rounded the day out with a little college football and were happy to see the Tide get a victory on the road against the Vols, 41-10. Sunday we made a visit to the Birmingham Zoo for some train rides (we always ride the train twice), a carousel ride and some animal observations. After nap-time, the boys had a blast making Halloween cupcakes. Check out their kitchen and baking skills (mommy was quiet impressed)....
Lining the baking pan with Halloween cupcake cups
Adding the oil and water
Getting ready to crack the eggs (this was their favorite step)
Mixing the ingredients
Watching Daddy use the electric mixer
Macklin protesting the use of the electric mixer
Jackson filling the cupcake cups
Eagerly awaiting their finished product
Mommy applied the icing but they did the sprinkles
Macklin enjoying a bite
Macklin offering mommy a cupcake kiss
Jackson didn't want to have any cupcakes but asked to take some to school to share with his teachers and friends--how sweet!! Pin It

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